Yes, you've not taken a wrong turn! The Realm is now at it's own domain -- and not a moment too soon!

This page houses the fanfiction I've written alone and with my cyberfam and friends. The stories are mainly Monkees, Stargate: Atlantis, Supernatural (coming soon!) and Magnificent Seven, but I dabble in several other fandoms as well.

So kick back, grab a snack and a drink, and settle in for tales of alternate dimensions, romance, adventure and drama!

Welcome to a place of unlimited possibilities!

Welcome to The Realm!

Last Updated -- 11-17-13

Check the "What's New" page for titles linked most recently . Two new stories added to the Supernatural page.

Portals to stories:

What's New -- Here you will find the newest stories added to the Realm!

The Power Monkees -- The Monkees as superheroes!

The Elemental Who -- Spinoff of the Power Monkees, as well as AU stories about the Who.

Other Monkees -- other Monkees series and Power Monkees stories that don't fit in canon.

Collabourations -- the home of the Trauma Series and Peter Doolittle series! The Realm's portal to the official home of Secrets and Lies!

Supernatural -- Multiple AUs of the tales of the Winchester brothers! Includes the Gemini AU -- a tie-in with the Power Monkees and Elemental Who.

The Magnificent Seven -- multiple AUs, as well as Old West tales.

Stargate: Atlantis -- Tales from the Pegasus Galaxy! Canon entirely optional. Includes the Heroes universe -- a tie-in with the Power Monkees and the Elemental Who.

Emergency! -- The Squad Series and other tales.

Doctor Who -- Tales of the wandering Time Lord.

The Sentinel -- The Sandy Series and other AUs.

Starsky and Hutch -- The Distaff Series and other AUs.

Star Trek -- Stories from TOS and TNG.

Miscellaneous fanfiction -- dabbles in other fandoms.

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